The Statewide Youth Broadband Advisory Council (SYBAC) is an opportunity for high school students to research and discuss broadband and Internet topics, learn about Iowa technology companies, and discover technology careers. Meetings will take place monthly, throughout the school year, via video conference, teleconference, and/or in-person.

SYBAC is open to 10th – 12th grade Iowa students. Students will identify effective strategies to improve broadband connectivity and community environments, which could assist in advocacy efforts for rural Internet connectivity.

SYBAC members will:

  • Participate in SYBAC meetings (by phone and online).
  • Receive access to cybersecurity curriculum.
  • Interview a community executive about technology -- OR -- complete a community service project on the topic of cybersecurity.
  • Share information with Iowa State University's Iowa Cyber Hub .
  • Provide youth input on broadband efforts to create a connected Iowa.
  • Serve as a council representative for a minimum of one (1) year, September – April.

2023 - 2024 Topics and Guests

Each month, we were lucky to have expert guests share valuable career advice and technology perspectives in Iowa. Each one highlighted the positive impact of their industries on our community. Students also had the chance to ask questions, gain a deeper understanding, and enhance their comprehension of how these industries impact our communities.

2023-2024 Community Service Project Updates

  • Kaden presented cyber-safety and cyber-security information to elementary students. The topics covered included phishing, firewalls and their purpose, the importance of strong passwords, social media, and Internet safety tips.
  • Raymond presented to his IWCC D+1 Pathway peers about Cybersecurity. Within his presentation he shared: what is cybersecurity, different types, common measures, its importance, what does it look like in the workplace, individual roles, and future trends. He provided an opportunity for his peers to ask questions.
  • Saanvi gave two talks on cybersecurity to the school's tutoring club, covering topics including what firewalls are, the importance of being cybersecure online, and the SYBAC program.
  • Callahan assisted the IT Department in fixing computer issues and keeping student and teacher software up to date and secure throughout the school year.
  • Marshall raised cybersecurity awareness by crafting a personalized message for anyone impacted by a cyber attack.
  • Addison informed elementary students about cyber security and the importance of creating strong passwords and protecting their data online.

2024/2025 SYBAC Meeting Dates

  • Tuesday, September 10 at 2 PM
  • Tuesday, October 8 at 2 PM
  • Tuesday, November 12 at 2 PM
  • Tuesday, December 10 at 2 PM
  • Tuesday, January 14 at 2 PM
  • Tuesday, February 11 at 2 PM
  • Tuesday, March 11 at 2 PM
  • Tuesday, April 8 - Tentative in-person meeting at the Capitol Complex in Des Moines.
Student Writes About SYBAC

Learning about the challenges, possibilities of modern technology

Saanvi describes her SYBAC experience in an article for the Dubuque's Telegraph Herald.

What Students Say About SYBAC...

"I have enjoyed learning about cybersecurity concepts and career opportunities throughout this year of meetings. Thank you for this opportunity to continue my education in STEM fields." - Henry S, 2021

"I enjoyed the myriad of presenters we were exposed to throughout the year.  I also enjoyed the Fortinet training.  Although I knew some about β€œBad Actors” and other related topics, I find value and peace of mind in walking away with my Fortinet Cybersecurity certificate." - Chase M, 2021

"I have had a lot of fun this year with SYBAC. I have enjoyed hearing information from other students and experts in different places in Iowa. The guest speakers were very interesting & informative." - Caden S, 2019

What Parents Say About SYBAC

Jackie M

"Thank you! My son had an awesome experience being a part of SYBAC this school year!" 

Lisa O

"Thank you ICN. Alex enjoyed being in this group and no doubt learned a lot. Thank you for investing in our youth!"


If you have a student interested in technology this is a fabulous learning experience no matter where in Iowa you live!


Contact Lori Larsen for questions about the council.