Bid Opportunities

Vendors interested in providing bids on ICN Services should check this page often for recent opportunities. ICN has four types of bidding opportunities.

  • Request For Information (RFI), is used when the ICN is gathering information for analysis, prior to drafting or issuing a procurement request, such as an ITB or RFP.
  • Invitation To Bid (ITB), is used when products or services are identified and cost is the primary criteria for vendor selection.
  • Request For Proposal (RFP), is used when the ICN describes a product or service need and the vendor details how it can meet the ICN’s need. An RFP allows the ICN to consider factors such as; how vendor meets the requirements, project approach, supplier qualifications/experience, value added services, etc. in addition to price.
  • Surplus Equipment Sale (SES), is used when the ICN has surplus equipment for vendors to bid on, award is typically based upon price.

As with all procurement opportunities, the ICN suggests you read the document carefully as it will include information related to what the ICN is requesting and how vendors may respond. Complete the forms, following all the enclosed instructions. Once you have downloaded the file, if you would like to be kept informed about any potential changes, e-mail Be sure to include the RFP/ITB/RFI/SES number, and your contact information. Vendors must comply with all affirmative action/equal employment opportunity provisions of State and Federal laws.

View currently available opportunities below.

ITB 20-038

The State of Iowa, Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission, operating the Iowa Communications Network (collectively ICN) is seeking Bid Proposals for Dark Fiber Leased Telecommunications Service or Ethernet Service at Selected Locations Throughout the State of Iowa.

Bid proposals for ITB 20-038 must be received by 3:00 p.m. CST December 16, 2020.

ITB 20-038 Site Location Sheet

ITB 20-038 Q&A