High Speed Internet

high speed broadband Internet

When Iowa’s education, government, public safety, and healthcare sectors seek secure, fast, reliable broadband Internet access, they call upon the ICN. Our robust Network and ability to purchase volume services means higher quality and lower prices for ICN’s authorized users.

High Speed Broadband Internet

Our service offers speed scalability with a dynamic network system that delivers a strong and resilient connection for our customers. Our broadband Internet service has been designed so customers experience limited latency.

Community Anchor Program Sponsor*

We are Iowa's only authorized anchor giving exclusive access to Internet2 services and research facilities.

Partnerships with Internet Service Providers

ICN has Internet traffic agreements with major Internet providers including University of Iowa and Iowa State University.

Content Peering Relationships

ICN has peering relationships with the top 150 cloud content and large network providers. With content stored locally on the ICN, customers will experience limited latency and faster connectivity.

Diverse Geographical Access

ICN has strategic locations around the United States for diverse network ingress points to provide a strong layer of outside traffic redundancy.

24/7/365 Network Operations Center

ICN has Iowa based support technicians to troubleshoot any situation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

USAC Eligible

Our service is E-Rate Category 1 eligible under USAC Schools and Libraries Program.

*Internet2 provides a collaborative environment where US research and education organizations can solve common technology challenges and develop innovative solutions in support of their educational, research and community service missions. Internet2 serves 317 U.S. universities, 60 government agencies, 43 regional and state education networks and through them supports more than 100,000 community anchor institutions.

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Internet Access Service with Basic Firewall

* Education Customers Only


ICN’s infrastructure includes fully meshed network redundancy between Part I and Part II sites. Network traffic can be rerouted in the event of an outage.

Dedicated Symmetrical Connectivity

Users on the ICN have symmetrical connectivity which allows for faster uploads and downloads from the Internet.

Security & Network Availability

ICN has built-in support and advanced technical monitoring to respond to outages, cyber threats, and intrusions.


A basic firewall is a standard component to ICN’s high-speed Internet access.

USAC Eligible

Our service is E-Rate Category 1 eligible under USAC Schools and Libraries Program.

"The ICN has been exceptionally reliable for us in terms of uptime. We have experienced very little downtime overall."
- Network Administrator, Grant Wood AEA

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