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We deliver flexible services to meet the growing broadband needs for education, government, public safety, and healthcare in Iowa.  Our robust Network and ability to purchase volume services means higher quality and lower prices for ICN’s authorized users. We continue to meet rising user demands for more bandwidth, IP technology, and security by offering a variety of services.

Security Services

Data Services

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What Makes ICN Different?

Dedicated Symmetrical Connectivity: Users on the ICN have symmetrical connectivity which allows for faster uploads and downloads from the Internet.

Redundancy: Fully meshed network redundancy including carrier and route diversity.

Public/Private Collaboration: ICN has strong partnerships with the private sector. Our relationships range from managed services premium partners, to peering relationships, and partnering with private sector telecommunications companies. These partnerships are integrated into the ICN for the overall success of the Statewide Network.

Support: All of our solutions offer Iowa based support technicians to troubleshoot any situation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.