Many customers are taking advantage of strong resources from our managed service providers. We evaluate various managed service providers through our Request for Proposal (RFP) contracting processes.

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Below is a list of the top five security risks from ICN’s Security Bureau.

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ICN’s Managed Firewall partner LightEdge, recently provided best practices that any organization should follow to ensure everyone’s data stays secure.

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A major infrastructure project consisting of relocating a Point-of-Presence within ICN’s fiber optic Network was successfully completed on Sunday, August 26.

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Fred Eastman, TeleHealth Technology Manager, provided insights about Mercy’s telehealth initiates to ICN’s SYBAC (Statewide Youth Broadband Advisory Council) students.

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ICN's Network Services Bureau Chief, Ryan Mulhall, provides insights on tackling cybersecurity to protect vital systems and data.

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The use of the Internet over the past decade has grown tremendously. The 2016 Cisco Visual Networking Index forecasts that by 2021, IP traffic in North America will grow by 20 percent with the gigabyte equivalent of all movies ever made crossing the Internet every 5 minutes.

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Each industry has its own terminology, and technology is no different. Here are a few words and phrases that will help give you knowledge and insight to improve your technology conversations.

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ICN is partnering with LightEdge and Fortinet to provide its customers with a free Cyber Threat Assessment test.

Gauge Your Current Cybersecurity, Productivity & Performance

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