Research firm Gartner, Inc highlighted the trends that infrastructure and operations leaders must start preparing for to support digital infrast

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Practicing good security habits at the office and at home can help employees continue to think about how to keep their information safe when online. As cyberattacks grow in frequency and sophistication, here are five ways to protect your data.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

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The report outlines the activities from July 1, 2018, through June 30, 2019. Throughout the report readers will find information explaining how Internet, voice, and security services continue to provide value to our authorized users. Highlights include:

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ICN has successfully completed its migration to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) platform using CenturyLink’s Unified Communications (UC) solution. The platform migration included moving over 8,000 phones for 168 authorized customers.

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The ICN’s primary purpose when it was originally established approximately 30 years ago was to provide two-way interactive video for education. With advancements in technology and the mobility of devices, users are no longer required to utilize the fixed classroom to access the network.

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Our 2019 Cybersecurity Roadshow tour is coming to a close. We want to thank everyone that attended and interacted with the discussions, networking, and collaboration of resources.

Cybersecurity Roadshow Takeaways

Ask questions when developing a security program.

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Bad habits die hard, according to SplashData’s eighth annual list of Worst Passwords of the Year. "123456" and "password" are the most commonly used passwords of 2018. SplashData created the list for 2018 by compiling data from five million leaked passwords.

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It’s never too late to begin to learn about cybersecurity. Here is our list of resources to help our users become more cyber aware.

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October is once again National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. This is the 16th year of this important program to spread cybersecurity awareness across the United States.

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Employees empowered with the resources and knowledge to protect your organization from cyber threats is one of the best lines of defense you can have.

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