Customers have moved to Zoom as a means for conducting virtual meetings and classes. Zoom has been in the news quite a bit for potential security flaws with their desktop app, as well as “Zoom-Bombing” where uninvited and unintended guests show up to meetings and cause disruption.

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A lot of us are working or taking classes from home due to the impacts of COVID-19.

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In response to the Governor’s COVID-19 Disaster Proclamation, Iowa Communications Network (ICN) can provide connectivity and services to County governments and local County Emergency Management Agencies (EMA) for the time period of the disaster proclamation.

ICN services options include:

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The Iowa Communications Network is committed to mitigating the spread of COVID-19.  Most of our staff are working remotely and are providing a continued level of service to our customers.

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ICN is providing telecommunications and broadband support and consultation to a number of State, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government, healthcare providers, and educational institutions.

Specific support includes: 

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As Iowans take precautionary steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus, it is also important to protect your cyber health and security by being mindful of related scams.

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ICN has a variety of remote solutions available for our customers to integrate into their organizational plans when employees can't meet face-to-face. Please know that assisting our customers is a top priority.

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SANS provides some quick tips that will help you get your digital life in order and establish new digital habits all year round. SANS recommends performing backups to help recover important information, delete unused programs or apps, update devices and apps, review your passwords, review any and all add-ons or plugins i

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Learn about the network and major initiatives of the ICN.

Network Facts

Secure Network

The ICN operates a private (closed) state-of-the-art fiber optic Network that provides telecommunications services to authorized and certified users.

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During the weeks leading up to the Iowa Caucus, ICN coordinated service requests from a variety of state government agencies for temporary services at several locations on the Capitol Complex.

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