About the ICN

ICN Mission

Broadband Strong

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Delivering FLEXIBLE broadband and FAST experiences to meet the growing broadband needs of education, government, public safety, and healthcare in Iowa.

ICN Major Goals

GOAL 1: develop financial and technological insights that strengthen the value of our customers’ broadband experience. 

GOAL 2: implement flexible internal systematic approaches in a fast manner. 

GOAL 3: establish a protected, secure and situationally aware production environment. 

GOAL 4: integrate preventive maintenance data into asset manager. 

GOAL 5: set high aspirations, plan responsibly, and honor commitments to meet timelines. 

GOAL 6: upgrade and expand the ICN virtualized platform by creating managed IP cloud services. 

GOAL 7: provide timely processes for service delivery and project closure to limit financial exposure. 

GOAL 8: implement new business strategies and services to provide broadband solutions for revenue growth. 

GOAL 9: establish a proactive, intel driven and compliant cyber environment. 

GOAL 10: implement managed security and public safety professional services. 

GOAL 11: implement a margin based environment and provide optical reporting. 

GOAL 12: procure and implement a new billing system while maintaining current performance measures.

ICN Goals from 2014-2017 Strategic Plan

  1. Operate the network in an efficient and responsible manner providing the most economical service.
  2. Maintain a qualified workforce.
  3. Ensure customer network capacity needs are met while achieving optimal utilization of all network facilities.
  4. Ensure Iowans have access to essential broadband services through partnerships and sharing of resources with private sector entities.
  5. Enable customers, stakeholders, partners and end users to have a full understanding of the purpose of the ICN and capabilities of broadband available through ICN in partnership with private sector entities.

ICN Classy Carrier Climate Values

  • Vision & Clarity
  • Management & Staff Development
  • Departmental Interaction
  • Staff Interaction
  • Progress, Change, & Improvements
  • When Things Don’t Go As Expected
  • Clear, Open, & Honest
  • Expectation of Employees

For a detailed explanation of the values, view the Classy Carrier Climate Values flyer.