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A top priority is creating and deploying security services for our icon over blue texture background

Our Security focus has been a staple since the 1990s by operating and maintaining the State Firewall. The State Firewall provides a tightly integrated, multi-layered cyber defense for Judicial and Executive Branch agencies, which is designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from these networks.

Security services are becoming more of a priority for our users, and at the ICN it is no different. A top priority is to assist our customer base in protecting their networks. ICN offers DDoS Mitigation and Managed Firewall services. Our customers have used our dedicated staff as a security go-to resource; from proactive monitoring and blocking of threats, to reducing the likelihood of being a victim, to stepping in and assisting when the inevitably happens.

Key Services

DDoS Mitigation

Mitigation solution allows Internet traffic to be ‘cleaned’ and returned to user with little impact on service. 

During the Last 12 Months:

  • Detected 11,080 DDoS attacks on the State’s Network.
  • Longest DDoS attack was 7 hrs, 25 mins, 31 secs.
  • Largest DDoS attack was 2.38TB (Terabyte).


All Network traffic entering or leaving passes through the State Firewall which examines and blocks the traffic that does not meet the defined security criteria.

State Firewall (State Government Users)

  • Hosted and managed by the ICN.
  • Protects confidential information from those not authorized to access it.
  • Protects against malicious users and incidents that originate outside users’ networks.

Managed Firewall Service

  • Offering Palo Alto and Fortinet solutions.
  • Secure configurations and deployments using industry standards.
  • Timely updates for quick patching of security/version updates.
  • Our security team hold many industry certifications and understands best practices for rules and port restrictions.
  • High available for redundancy and uptime.
  • 24x7 Local Support.

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