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man presenting info from a large monitor in front of coworkersOffering our Broadband and Telecom Expertise

At the ICN we have dedicated ourselves to meeting our customer’s broadband and technology challenges, fulfilling their telecom requirements, and satisfying their business goals. We understand that even the most experienced organizations may not have the resources available to adequately develop specialized personnel, or manage a complex equipment roll-out. This is where our Professional Services steps in. We are ready to guide our customers through the technological challenges facing today’s communications industry.

Take advantage of our experience, and we will assist you through analyzing the situation, defining project requirements, developing the solution, and then delivering it.

Offering Expertise for the Following Industry Skills:

  • Custom Technology Solutions
  • Telecom Support
  • Operations Consulting
  • Network Architecture
  • Security Consulting
  • Contracting
  • Wireless Designs
  • Firewall/Network Design
  • Outside Plant Design
  • Internal Infrastructure Frame/Cabling Design
  • Network, Circuit, Equipment, Power Design
  • Fiber Management

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