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Our Healthcare Commitment

Broadband is changing how healthcare services are delivered by supporting the connectivity between clinic locations, healthcare partners, radiology viewing systems, and electronic medical records, etc.  With the high speed Internet, our healthcare customers can provide Iowans with telemedicine and e-health services of digital readings, consultations, and access to medical records and test results. In addition, hospitals and clinics benefit from a more effective use of staff and resources.

ICN's Healthcare Landscape Connections

  • 103 Hospitals served
  • 155 Clinics and other Healthcare providers served
  • ICN manages Iowa Hospital Associations’ healthcare broadband network (IRHTP).

Customer Spotlight

Staff at St. Anthony Regional Hospital in Carroll, IA, shared how the increased bandwidth through ICN has been a valuable asset for the various telehealth opportunities of clinical applications, non-clinical applications, and medical staff communication.

Benefits of Telehealth

  • Essential for Emotional Health
  • Essential for High Risk
  • Remote Work Options
  • Virtual Meetings 
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Healthcare Solutions

As an eligible service provider, ICN can provide solutions to healthcare users by offering the following services:

  • Serving over 250 hospitals and clinic location.

  • Incorporates 350+ billing circuits.

  • Private on-net or off-net Ethernet connections.

  • Internet and bandwidth services.

  • Secondary Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) connections for carrier diversity.

  • Secondary Internet Service Provider (ISP) connections for ISP diversity.

  • On-net connections to multiple data centers.

  • 24/7/365 Network Operations Center support.

  • One consolidated bill from the ICN.

Universal Service Program158 Hospital and Healthcare Providers saving over $1.9 million on data services

ICN began its participation in the USF program in FY 2001, as a common carrier. Over the years, ICN has saved Iowa's schools, libraries, hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers over $118.3 million. 

Rural Health Care Program (FCC)

As a Common Carrier, ICN participates in the Rural Health Care program. 

  • In Fiscal Year 2021, USAC provided funds for discounts to 158 Hospital and Healthcare Providers saving over $1.9 million on data services thru the Healthcare Connect Fund Program.

Direct Fiber Direct Connections

There are healthcare users across the State that have made an investment to directly connect to the ICN. A direct connection allows for the capabilities for a variety of telehealth opportunities, such as:

  • Specialty remote consultations.

  • Remote radiology digital readings.

  • Remote intensive care unit (e-ICU) and pharmacy monitoring (e-pharmacy) systems.

  • Electronic health records.

Iowa Hospital Association Partnership

The ICN has been the technical, engineering, and maintenance provider of the IHA’s network program called the Iowa Rural Health Telecommunications Program (IRHTP) since 2008. Recently, ICN has been working with IHA toIRHTP logo replace legacy equipment at 191 locations. After the conclusion of this project, IHA’s network will have enhanced redundancy to hospitals and rural clinics, along with increasing bandwidth availability to enable improved access to specialists and records.


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