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woman on cell phone with a technology icons overlay on the imageReliable and Stable Connectivity

ICN’s private and secure statewide fiber optic Network operates on a 100GB core with multiple optical rings of fiber using 100 GB/s, 10 GB/s and 1GB/s throughout the State. The rings are all redundant allowing traffic to flow bidirectional.

With a stable core infrastructure, we deliver Ethernet technology, which allows our users to transmit Data while receiving their required bandwidth. Our Data solutions includes: high speed Internet and bandwidth services, Ethernet, circuits, Local Area Network (LAN), Wireless LAN, and Domain Names Service (DNS).

With approximately 3,400 miles of owned fiber and leased connections making up the balance of the network, our statewide fiber optic network continues to be one of the best infrastructures in the country.  We offer scalability, redundancy, and symmetrical connectivity, which enables our users to run the applications they depend on.

Top 5 Reasons to Select ICN:

  1. Internet Service Provider (ISP): We have Internet traffic agreements with major Internet providers including University of Iowa; Iowa State University.
  2. Symmetrical Ethernet Connectivity: Connections are the same when content is uploaded and downloaded.
  3. Internet Exchanges: We peers with public and private Internet Exchanges, reducing customers’ hop counts and latency.
  4. Content Peering Agreements: We have relationships with the top 150 cloud content and large network providers.
  5. Disaster Recovery Site: We established an additional disaster recovery site that further enhances network redundancy, provides a diverse fiber path, and enhances disaster recovery operations for all users.

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