Thank You SYBAC for Another Strong Year

Statewide Youth Broadband Advisory Council SYBAC

As the school year is coming to a close, we want to thank the 2017-2018 SYBAC members for their broadband feedback. Below is a recap of recent topics that have been discussed during their monthly video meetings.

  • Facebook's data breach: How much information do companies share about you?
  • Autonomous cars: How soon will they be more common than not?
  • If augmented reality is to become the primary computing environment, what form will it take? 
  • Consumer technology in the military. Xbox controllers are being used in submarines to control the periscopes because they are cheaper and more intuitive.
  • Government involvement in providing Internet to the public. At a certain size of town, the government should help with broadband build out so a town can grow and promote good education.
  • Public Wi-Fi, who is responsible for security? The user, the internet service provider or the business who is offering it?
  • Removing passwords and using other ways of authenticating the user. How many layers of security are you willing to go through?
  • Will computer science be required in schools in the future?
  • Most of the SYBAC students’ schools are paperless. They use google docs and turn in the files through Google Drive.
  • Security of iPhones with facial recognition. What is the safest way to secure your phone?

2017-2018 SYBAC StudentsSYBAC 2017-2018 students

  • Alaina Allen, English Valleys Jr-Senior High School
  • Connor Baack, Southeast Polk High School
  • Lewis Callaway, Clear Lake High School
  • Kyle Cortez, Cedar Rapids High School
  • Josiah DeValois, North Polk High School
  • Austin Grant, Boyer Valley High School
  • Beau Lapointe, Mason City High School
  • Meghna Mallapan, Des Moines Public High School
  • Olivia Moore, East Union High School
  • Cole Mundus, Earlham Community School District
  • Cole Schippers, ADM High School
  • Lucas Schwamman, Osage High School
  • Jonathyn Stiverson, Council Bluffs High School
  • Olivia Tidwell, Sioux City High School
  • Blake Van Der Kamp, Prairie City Monroe (PCM) High School