SYBAC Talks About Cybersecurity

SYBAC - Statewide Youth Broadband Advisory Council

The discussions with our SYBAC students have been active the last few months. During the September meeting, Equifax’s cyber breach was a major topic. It was interesting how the younger generation believes that cyber breaches, identify theft, and personal identification theft is not out of the ordinary. SYBAC students webinar photo These incidents are seen as common.

During the October SYBAC meeting the students had two guests: Director Mark Schouten with the Iowa Homeland Security & Emergency Management Department and Jeff Franklin with the Office of the Chief Information Officer. Both guests talked with the students on a variety of topics consisting of: net neutrality, recent cyber-attacks on local school districts, and ethical questions about cybersecurity.

In the November meeting, the group discussed credit card cyber-crime, ransomware, rural internet, autonomous cars, and streaming technology vs. old media.

We continue to gain strong feedback from our broadband ambassadors. To learn about SYBAC visit ICN’s website at