Strong Customer Broadband Initiatives

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At the ICN we have a number of customer broadband initiatives that reduce network expenses for the State of Iowa.

Cybersecurity Offerings

A top priority is creating new cybersecurity products and services to assist users in protecting their networks. Our advanced technical monitoring is used to respond to outages, cyber threats, & intrusions. In addition to our Managed Firewall and DDoS Mitigation services, on the horizon ICN will be providing the following Security services: 1) Incident Response and Forensics capabilities and 2) Network, Software, Wireless, Code, and Security capabilities.

Public Private Partnerships

ICN’s managed services incorporates premium partnerships with the private sector. Partners are integrated into ICN’s fabric for the overall success of the Statewide Network. In fiscal year 2017, $28 million was funneled back to private sector companies.

  • Fiber Network Services – network maintenance provider (Iowa based)
  • Lightedge – managed firewall provider (Iowa based)
  • CenturyLink – managed voice provider
  • Private Sector Telecommunications - To provide broadband connectivity, ICN partners with the private sector for leased connections. In total there are 295 sites leased in partnership with 39 vendors.

Merging 911 Networks – Wireless & Wireline

ICN was selected by Iowa Homeland Security & Emergency Management to combine the landline (wireline) and wireless 911 networks, which has an estimated savings of $1.2M per year. ICN is able to dedicate 24/7/365 network monitoring, maintenance, & support to maximize critical service needs.

Managed Voice Services

ICN has invested $500K (YTD) of cabling infrastructure to upgrade Capitol Complex buildings. ICN initiated this infrastructure upgrade to enable deployment of its managed voice service to state government customers. There was no cost to Executive Branch agencies for the infrastructure upgrade. With ICN’s deployment of managed voice services, there will be an estimated $1.1M of annual savings to Executive Branch agencies with long distance service included at no charge.