Wireless LAN

Managed Wireless Local Area Network

Managed Wireless Local Area Network (LAN)

A scalable, stable all-inclusive wireless solution

Our Managed Wireless LAN Service provides a scalable wireless solution for increased mobility and improved end user connectivity. When your organization is free from network cables and cords collaboration can happen seamlessly without losing the connection.

Scalable Solution

Offering a variety of service levels based on the number of the wireless access points required for coverage.

Flexible Network Coverage

Using Wi-Fi, move around freely within the area of the network with laptops, handheld devices, etc.

Improve Manageability and Minimize Disruption

Providing proactive monitoring and alerts so any problem can be quickly resolved.

Guest Access

Providing the ability for a secure wireless connection for customers, partners, or the public.

E-Rate Category 2 Eligible

Service is E-Rate Category 2 eligible under the USAC Schools and Libraries Program.

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