phone on table with out of focus woman in the background Voice (Phone) is the most basic form of communication yet the most reliable service offered. Within seconds of connecting to a live person, individual identification as well as an individual’s location can be tracked from just a simple phone call.  ICN offers a 99.999% reliable and dependable Network to its authorized users.

ICN provides the following voice/phone services:

Voice Training and User Guides

Managed Voice Service Powered by ICN

With ICN's Managed Voice Service (MVS), education, public safety, and government users can purchase a managed services package that fits their needs.

Service options include...

  • Virtual Seat
  • Receptionist Portal
  • Conference Room Seat
  • Voicemail Only
  • Analog Integration
  • Automated Call Distribution
  • Auto Phone Tree Attendant

Benefits include...

  • Predictable Billing
  • Free Long Distance *
  • No Contracts *
  • USAC Eligible
Managed Voice Services

For more information, view the MVS page.

Managed Voice Service Product Guide

For training, visit the Voice Training and User Guides page.

Reservationless-Plus Voice Conferencing

  • On-demand, reservationless, service
  • No time limits – Available 24/7
  • Operator assistance available at the touch of a keypad
  • Leader-controlled dial out, roll call, and conference features
  • Password and conference lock feature
  • Touchtone telephone keypad for basic to advanced features
  • Call recording, streaming playback, transcripts, CD, or tape available*
  • Usage reports available online*

*Some optional features available for additional charge

View the Reservationless-Plus Conferencing flyer for more information.reservationless-plus card held up by phone cord

Getting Started

First obtain a Reservationless-Plus Voice conferencing account, then e-mail the form to: ICN.CSS@iowa.gov

After receiving login information visit TCC Online logo, and start your conference. Learn all about TCCOnline services.

Reservationless-Plus Documents

User Guide
Reservationless-Plus Telephone Keypad Commands
SmartMeet, the FREE Reservationless-Plus® mobile application for iPhone, is now available!
Wallet Cards and Welcome Packets to be Discontinued
Inactive Conference Call Account Maintenance Fee (Posted May 2016)

Long Distance and Toll-Free

  • Services offered to authorized users statewide
  • Low rates on all calls (international long distance and toll-free)
  • Low direct connect long distance and toll-free rates
  • Portability of existing toll-free numbers

Download the Letter of Authorization for Change form to authorize ICN to switch or to continue your agency or organizations long distance service for specified numbers. Please email the form, on your company’s letterhead, to ICN.CSS@iowa.gov.

Download the Letter of Authorization for Change of Responsible Organization form to authorize ICN to act as Responsible Organization (RESP ORG) for toll-free number changes. Please email the form, on your agency or organizations letterhead, to ICN.CSS@iowa.gov.

Local Phone Service (For Capitol Complex Entities Only)

ICN offers local voice service to state agencies located on the Capitol Complex and throughout the Des Moines metro area.

To Order ICN Services:

For additional questions, contact ICN Customer Service at 515-725-4633, 877-426-4692 (ICN-IOWA), or by email at ICN.CSS@iowa.gov.