Video Service

IP Video conference room with ceiling microphone and iPad controller
IP Video conference room with ceiling microphone and iPad controller.

ICN's IP Video@LightSpeedTM (V@LS) is compatible with industry standard H.323 IP video codecs and equipment. The maturity of the standard provides robust features, high video quality, and extensive support. 

  • Bridges multiple IP video sites.
  • Open microphone layouts (push-to-talk microphones not required).
  • Sessions can be unscheduled (ad hoc) or scheduled using ICN’s TCReliance Scheduling System.
  • Choose point-to-point or multipoint sessions.
  • Uses 5 Mbps circuit on private ICN intranet.
  • Optional public Internet access available.
  • Technical design assistance with customer’s room integrator or technical team.
  • Break and fix maintenance for ICN managed video endpoints.
  • Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) E-rate eligible services.
  • Electronic billing and reporting.
  • Standard definition video starts at only $116.25 monthly. Flat rate, no hourly usage for standard service.

ICN/IDLD Video Sites - Use the Iowa Distance Learning Database clickable map to find out more about video sites in the state that connect to the ICN Network.

By law, (Iowa Administrative Code, Chapter 751, 12.3(2)), the ITTC is required to provide written notice for ICN's Video Rates. The ICN is the only provider of the two-way video services and making these rates public does not have an economic impact on the ICN's business model. The other telecommunications services that ICN provides to Authorized Users are also available through other service providers. These rates are considered trade secrets in a competitive market and are not publicly released because they are deemed to have economic value. Release of the information could provide a negative impact on ability of the Network to retain the level of revenues for sustainability.

IP Video Rates

The Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission (ITTC) approved the following pricing model.

 Monthly rate for unlimited usageFY 19 
 Video@Lightspeed 1.0 (V@LS 1.0)$116.25 

For pricing questions, contact an ICN Account Consultant by calling 877-426-4692 or e-mailing

*USF Eligibility: All public and private K-12 schools and libraries are eligible for Universal Service Fund discounts. A state-level consortium minimizes filing requirements for individual schools. 

Use of ICN for Depositions

Attorneys have been using the ICN to take depositions for a number of years for criminal court cases. These depositions are scheduled by the officers of the court.  ICN was asked to clarify the authority for attorneys involved in civil suits to schedule and use the Network to take depositions.

The Judicial Branch is an authorized user of the ICN. As such, the following persons have access to all ICN services:

  • State and federal judges
  • Judiciary employees
  • Administrative law judges
  • Associate judges
  • Magistrates
  • Referees
  • Mediators
  • Participants

The use must be consistent with the written mission of the authorized user allowing access to the Network at its site. Since the collection of information via depositions is part of the civil court process, using the ICN for that purpose is appropriate.

Since payment for the deposition process in civil cases may be the responsibility of the plaintiff, the procedure for scheduling a deposition over the ICN is slightly different from the process used by other authorized users.

Listed below are links to documents that need to be completed for non-Judicial Branch sessions scheduled for taking a deposition. Please refer to the instructions on completing the necessary documents.

Non-Judicial Branch Sessions Documents
Court Ordered Deposition Billing Information Form
Court Order authorizing the deposition to be taken using the ICN
Court Order indicating fee payment responsibility for use of the ICN

To schedule a session, or for additional information regarding the forms, email or call 877-426-4692 for assistance.

To Order ICN Services:

Log into the ICN Customer Portal to request services. For additional questions, contact ICN Customer Service at 515-725-4633, 877-426-4692 (ICN-IOWA), or by email at