Managed Voice Service

Managed Voice Service: Strong System, Flexible Platform, Fast Voice and Data

Our Premier Managed Voice Service (MVS)

Increase your organization’s productivity with a unified voice solution

ICN's managed Voice service is an IP platform that is hosted from a cloud environment to bring flexible voice management solutions to the sectors ICN serves. This advanced managed voice system includes all ICN provided hardware and licenses while offering premium and professional support from our voice and data experts for service management and technical configurations.

Predictable Billing

ICN’s predictable Fixed Cost Model offers advanced phone service to users with $0 capital investment. The monthly cost of each seat is all you pay.

Free Long Distance *

The standard and premium seats have in-bound and out-bound long distance included. * International long distance not included.

No Contracts *

A flexible benefit to MVS is that there are no contracts. Don’t worry about purchasing PBX equipment, licenses/support (both internal and external), and other components. * Customer is responsible for wiring.

Advantages of ICN’s Managed Voice Service

  • Mobility (Business Communicator): Access the Business Communicator Application from any device where Internet is available, including a computer, tablet or smart phone at any location.
  • Anywhere Feature: Allows users to move active calls seamlessly from their IP handset to an assigned Anywhere device, such as a mobile phone, or conversely from their assigned Anywhere device to their IP handset.
  • Remote Office: Use a home phone or a mobile phone as your business phone. When enabled, calls to your desktop handset will only ring to your Remote Office device.
  • Call Display: With Business Communicator, the number displayed on outgoing calls is the employee’s main number at the office.
  • Encryption: Encryption will continue to operate remotely when Business Communicator is enabled.
  • End User Portal: Provides employees access to voicemail and call forwarding settings. End user portal changes can be completed offsite.
Basic: A cost-effective seat designed for use in an area that is not assigned to a specific user.
Standard: With a more robust set of features, this seat is designed for general business, support and clerical personnel.
Premium: Designed for the majority of professional employees. It includes advanced IP phone features and a premium phone.

ICN's Managed Voice Service Plan Comparison

Polycom Phone * * *
HD Voice * * *
Number of SIP Lines 6 12 12
Call Waiting & Caller Line ID * * *
Local Calling * * *
Shared Call Appearance Limit 5 Limit 10 Limit 35
Conference Calling Three-Way Calling Up to 15 Parties Up to 15 Parties
Voice Mail   * *
Unified Messaging   * *
Softphone Client   Voice & Video *
Personal Mobility ** (Remote Office)     *
Business Communicator **   * Instant Messaging & Presence
Receptionist Attendant     *

*A MVS seat includes a basic, standard, premium, or voice mail only seat feature package, the recommended Polycom handset model, and domestic long distance. MVS service does not include wiring from the work station to the telecommunications room at the customer location.

** View the Mobility Features handout.

For training, visit the Voice Training and User Guides page.

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ICN has partnered with CenturyLink to provide our managed VoIP solution. Collaboration with CenturyLink provides ICN users with a state-of-the-art telecommunications system, bundled with the additional voice efficiency and productivity enhancements of unified communications.