Local Area Network (LAN)

Managed Local Area Network

Our Managed Local Area Network (LAN)

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Our Managed LAN Service provides a reliable connection between a single building or multiple buildings. Sharing of resources can occur when all computers are connected to one network: drives, software programs, printers, scanners, etc.

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Securing of Data

Keeping data on a network server is recommended. Users can log in from any computer on the network and access the same data placed on a centrally located server.


Offering different levels of the service based on the number of Ethernet Ports required for coverage.

Setup and Implementation

Implementation includes service turn-up and initial configuration of the hardware and software for the subscribed service.


Let our support staff help operate your network effectively. We know it is vital to have a team of experienced experts available to you 24/7.

E-Rate Category 2 Eligible

Service is E-Rate Category 2 eligible under USAC Schools and Libraries Program.

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