Domain Name Registration

DNR or DNS Registration

DNS is an abbreviation for Domain Name System, Domain Name Server, Domain Name Service, or even Dynamic Name System, all of which are different forms of the same thing. Another term, DNR (Domain Name Registration), is the same as DNS.

ICN provides primary and secondary DNS to connect your organization to the outside world.

IP addresses form the basis for locating equipment on a network, large or small, such as an office LAN (Local Area Network) or the Internet. A Domain Name Server (DNS) provides directory service and translates a word or name like those listed below into a numeric IP address such as The ICN has naming authority for the following domains.

  • Education:;;;
  • Libraries:
  • State Government: 

To Order ICN Services:

The domain name request form has been moved to our customer portal to provide an extra layer of security with the customer information that is being provided. The portal can be accessed at Once inside the portal, select the "Order" button to either add, move, or change your service.  The same DNS form that was on our website is available under the DNS Services Request.

For additional questions, contact ICN Customer Service at 515-725-4633, 877-426-4692 (ICN-IOWA), or by email at