DDoS Mitigation Service

DDoS Mitigation

Our Premier DDoS Mitigation Service

As DDoS attacks continue to increase, a flexible and automated approach must be adopted to effectively mitigate intrusions before they can cause damage to a network.

ICN's DDoS Mitigation Service delivers a strong layered defense against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks for Iowa’s public safety, healthcare, education, and government users who receive their Internet services from the ICN.

A DDoS attack occurs when a malicious entity sends more traffic to a network than it can handle in order to overload it. This results in a web server becoming flooded with traffic causing web based services to become unavailable to the online visitors. DDoS attacks are happening more often and increasing in severity and duration.

The DDoS Mitigation Service provides ICN Internet customers a layered approach for protection with two service options available.

 Silver Level
Monitor & Detection
Gold Level
Automatic Detection & Mitigation
The design consultation will include the development of an End User’s mitigation alert policy, appropriate response procedures, and will define customer requirements.  
Our comprehensive installation includes a customer topology security review and provisioning the attack-detection system. End User will maintain an ICN Internet connection.  
Our solution includes provisioning the mitigation service and applying the security policy.  
Service includes the organization of administration passwords for mitigation system(s).  
Our advanced monitoring system incorporates automatic detection of attacks. End User traffic is monitored continuously.  
Maintenance and SupportYesYes
Incorporates software and hardware upgrades to maintain the latest operations’ version.  
MitigateEvent FeeYes
Mitigation (filtering) of traffic begins after the attack-detection system determines that a DDoS attack targeting a customer is underway.  
CleanseEvent FeeYes
Once mitigation begins, traffic is routed to ICN Cleansing Center. The traffic is immediately undergoing the stages to remove the malicious activity. Once cleansing is completed, traffic will be forwarded from the ICN Cleansing Center to its original destination.  

ICN's DDoS Mitigation Service subscription components include: 1) attack detection: to determine malicious activity is occurring; 2) attack-traffic diversion: move compromised traffic to an ICN cleansing center for filtering/mitigation; and 3) forwarding of cleansed traffic: returning clean traffic from the ICN cleansing center to its original destination.

DDoS Mitigation Service Product Guide

Contact ICN’s Account Consultants at ICN.CSS@iowa.gov for more information.

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