Public/Private Collaboration

ICN’s managed services incorporates premium partnerships with the private sector. Partners are integrated into ICN’s fabric for the overall success of the Statewide Network.

Managed Network Service – Fiber Network Services

Fiberutilities Group, an Iowa-based company, provides technical staff for the operation and maintenance of the Iowa Communications Network. The managed network services include: management systems, on-site technicians to staff ICN’s Network Operations Center, and field support staff located around the State.

Managed Voice Service – CenturyLink

Collaboration with CenturyLink provides ICN users with a state-of-the-art telecommunications system, bundled with the additional voice efficiency and productivity enhancements of unified communications.

  • $0 Capital Investment options for flexible advanced phone service providing education, public safety, government institutions with the services they need without the need to maintain or upgrade their phone equipment.
  • Implementation of managed voice services on the Capitol Complex began in FY 16 with the intention to provide similar services to other agencies in the next two years. This is a strong revenue generator for ICN enabling continued investment in our infrastructure without appropriated support.

Managed Firewall Service – LightEdge Solutions

LightEdge Solutions is an experienced and proven leader in data center, Enterprise IT cloud solutions, and network integration, providing businesses with reliable access to Fortune 100-level infrastructure that quickly adapts and scales to meet changing business requirements. LightEdge, which is owned by The Anschutz Corporation, was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa.


Leased Fiber

By statute, the Iowa Telecommunications and Technology Commission (ITTC) is required to lease connections to schools, libraries, AEA’s, judicial, correctional services connections, and connections to state agencies that are paid with state funding. A connection is the physical connection from the Network to ICN’s authorized user location.

The state funded $35.5 million in installation costs for the connections to school, library, and AEA (Part III) sites as well as paying a monthly lease cost.

When Network construction plans were first implemented to connect K-12 schools, libraries, AEAs and state agencies, the legislature wanted the private telecommunications providers to have an opportunity to serve their local areas. Companies winning the leasing bids for schools, libraries and AEAs were also provided with funds to construct the required infrastructure.

ICN partners with the following private sector telecommunications companies to provided Part III leased connections. In total there are 330 part III sites leased in partnership with 42 vendors.

  • Windstream
  • G4S Technology LLC
  • Regulated Companies
  • Independent Telecommunications Companies
  • Municipal Utilities
  • Other