What Makes up the Internet and How to Stay Cyber Safe

The Deep Web: 7.9 Zettabytes

Did you know the web is made up of two sections? The first section is called the Surface Web, which represents the Public Web portion of the Internet indexed and available via traditional search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, etc.). The second section is called the Deep Web, which is part of the Internet that is not discoverable by means of standard search engines.

The Internet content on the Public Web (Surface Web) measures to be about 4%, the other 96% is the considered to be in the Deep Web. Most of the threats received are behind the 96% Deep Web space.

Only 4% of web content is available via search engines. Approximately 96% of web content on Deep Web sites is protected by passwords.

We have compiled a list of 8 cyber security best practices that all organizations should consider placing into practice.

  1. Invest in a robust firewall. Learn about ICN’s Firewall service that integrates 24/7 protection.
  2. Create complex, long passwords.
  3. Talk with third-party vendors that contract with your facility beforehand to make sure they have strong security measures in place.
  4. Sign off and shut off computers at the end of the day.
  5. Don’t share passwords or write them on paper that can be easily found.
  6. Institute two-or multifactor authentication when logging on to a device.
  7. Introduce courses/lessons about protecting data.
  8. Raise awareness about cybersecurity.