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Welcome to the New ICN Website

Our redesigned website includes better navigation, improved searching, a comprehensive support page, and an all-inclusive news section with both industry and ICN news. We hope you enjoy the new layout and information.

The new website provides visitors with:

  • A Cleaner and Simplified Homepage.  Below the image banners that highlight information about the ICN, you will find the Our Services and Our Customers sections that provide direct links to information about the services we offer and the customers we serve. Next, the feature areas highlight helpful services or resources for our customers, and the news sections include recent ICN and industry news.
  • Better Navigation.  We have reorganized our navigation to include a pre-header menu, which is dedicated to provide customers and interested vendors with quick access to information they are searching for. Outside vendors can find bidding information and customers can access resources, support documents, and our MYICN customer portal.
  • Services and Customer Information.  Many questions received through our website is who can use ICN services and what services are offered. We have simplified the services into four main categories: Security, Data, Communications, and Professional Services. As you browse this area, visitors will be able read about each category and sector.
  • Comprehensive Support Page.  Find detailed information on using the customer portals plus training and user guides.
  • All-Inclusive News Page.  We have combined our ICN news and industry news, which can be easily filtered to the designated sector topics.
  • Responsive Design.  The site adjusts to the user’s device and screen size.

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