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Voice Service Updates

The following service notifications are for our Voice customers. Read about enhanced security for Voicemail and Auto Attendant PIN numbers, updated training reference guides, and CenturyLink’s enterprise business rebranding initiate.

Voicemail Security Enhancement on 9/22/20:

CenturyLink will perform an upgrade on 9/22/20 to enhance security requirements for its voicemail system.  The change is scheduled for the evening of September 22 or early on September 23. PINs will now require a minimum of 6 digits with the option of 15 digits in length. The skip PIN option will no longer be available, and specific PIN sequences will not be allowed. If you currently have a mailbox, the new guidelines will only take effect when changing your existing PIN.

For full details on the new guidelines, refer to the Voicemail User Guide. If you previously enabled the skip PIN feature, you will now be required to enter your PIN while accessing voicemail from your IP handset. Note: Auto Attendant PINs will also follow the new PIN guideline requirements.

What does it mean to our customers?

  • If you do not invoke Skip PIN - nothing until you opt to update the PIN on the phone or portal.
  • New users set up will be forced to comply by the rules.
  • If you currently have a mailbox, the new guidelines will only take effect when changing your existing PIN.

Voicemail PIN Guidelines

  • PINs are required.
  • PINs must be 6-15 numeric digits in length.
  • The PIN cannot solely consist of your VoIP telephone number or any part of the VoIP telephone number.
  • The same digit cannot be repeated more than twice.
  • Allowed Examples: 11xxxx, xxx88xxx, xxxxxxx99
  • Not Allowed Examples: 222xxx, xxx444xx, 777777
  • The entire PIN value cannot be sequential; neither ascending nor descending.
  • Allowed Examples: 012347, 98761, 01234560
  • Not Allowed Examples: 123456, 0123456789, 765432, 9876543210

Updated Voice Training References

Business Communicator 

VoIP: Polycom VVX series phones

Voicemail Quick Reference Guide

Hosted VoIP Training Polycom VVX 4xx series phones

Hosted VoIP Training Polycom VVX 50x/60x series phones

CenturyLink Rebrands as Lumen 

CenturyLink announced Lumen as their new brand for their enterprise business on September 14.  We partner with CenturyLink to provide our managed Voice service, and it is ICN’s goal to provide a seamless transition for our customers as the CenturyLink rebranding initiative begins.

Read Announcement: CenturyLink Transforms, Rebrands as Lumen


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