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Voice Service Provides Encryption & Mobility Options

Many customers continue to operate with a remote staff by implementing encryption and mobility features using our Voice platform.  These benefits provide employees the ability to securely answer phone calls and provide valuable information to Iowans while working remotely.

Here are 5 benefits our customers have appreciated using our Voice service.

  1. Message Encryption – A strong encryption mechanism is in place for all of your VoIP calls. ICN collaborated with the State of Iowa’s Office of the Chief Information Officer’s security team to ensure that the VoIP platform meets the needed requirements from the Information Security Office. After ongoing managed voice servicetesting and review, our VoIP platform meets email protection and continuity standards established by the State of Iowa.  Once encryption is turned on, it will continue to operate even if employees are using the virtual Business Communicator application.
  2. Mobility – Our VoIP service can be used from the physical phone at the office or from the soft phone (virtual) application (Business Communicator) on an employee’s computer, tablet or smartphone at any location where Internet access is available.
  3. Voicemail Forwarding – Users can set up the ability to forward a .wav file attachment to their inbox. Our VoIP platform meets email encryption standards established by the State of Iowa’s Chief Information Officer’s Information Security Team.  
  4. Call Display – When using the Business Communicator application, the phone number displayed on outgoing calls is the employee’s main number at the office.
  5. Web Portal Management – Employees can use their own personal VoIP portal to access voicemail, set call forwarding to go to another telephone number where they are located (including a home phone or cell phone).  This can be done through any web enabled device and does not need to be done onsite.
    • Hosted VoIP Administrator Portal: A separate system administrator web portal is also available for each customer. The System Administrator has access to ALL of the customer’s users, passwords, and telephone numbers and can set calls to forward.

Voice training and user guides are available on our support page.

For more information about our Voice service contact your Account Consultant.


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