SYBAC Hears from Industry Professionals

SYBAC Statewide Youth Broadband Advisory Council

Our SYBAC students have had many active discussions with industry professionals the last few months.

In December, David Tominsky with NewBoCo discussed computer science and how their mission is to educate K-12 students to develop coding, engineering, and entrepreneurship skills. One initiative is to help certify a teacher to teach computer science in every school in Iowa. In December, the SYBAC group highlighted artificial intelligence and how the technology can help people.

In January our guest was Ryan Mulhall, who highlighted ICN’s cybersecurity services and procedures, along with job options in the technology field. The group discussed facial recognition and if their health data is at risk.

In February Scott Pappan met the students and explained ICN’s engineering and operations structure, Iowa’s 911 Network, our healthcare partnership with Iowa Hospital Association, and progress made to upgrade ICN’s Internet core. Student topics addressed broadband mapping, driverless cars, and how to talk about technology.

This year we also challenged the students to develop a concept that will address a technology problem or improve a technology process for their school or community. A few of their tech challenge ideas are below: 

  • School Wireless Connectivity: Survey school personnel and students to see where they have issues connecting wirelessly.
  • We the People App: Seeks to enable people to take part in the political process in a fundamental way.
  • Chromebooks: Students are issued district Chromebooks to complete assignments and projects for their classes. In some cases, Chromebooks cannot perform certain tasks such as Photoshop. Would like to research other methods for students to use this program.
  • Silvercord: Consolidate websites to find pre-approved volunteer opportunities and streamline submission process for new opportunities.
  • Wifi on Buses: WiFi available on activity busses: traveling long distances for activities students can work on school work.
  • Enhance AET progress (Agricultural Experience Tracker): Develop an educational curriculum dedicated to teach Vocational Agriculture Instructors. They would use for grades and for record keeping.