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The Presidential Primary Sources Project

The ICN would like to encourage our education users to take advantage of the 2021 Presidential Primary Sources Project (PPSP) program series offered through the Internet2 Community Anchor Program.

PPSP is an interactive distance learning program in collaboration with numerous National Park Sites and Presidential Libraries around the country. These sites present a series of free 45-minute interactive videoconferencing programs aimed at students in grades 4-12. 

Through the use of primary source documents and interactive videoconferencing, the 2021 program series will take students on a journey through the historical legacies of our presidents. By the conclusion of each session, students will have gained a greater understanding of our nation’s presidents and how they shaped the past and present of our country.

The series will run from January through March 2021. Free registration is now open, so feel free to visit the project web page for more information and to sign up today!

Internet2 Community Anchor Program Sponsor

ICN is an authorized Community Anchor Program Sponsor giving our education sector exclusive access to Internet2 services and research facilities.


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