Library Staying Digitally Strong with Increased Broadband

A Davenport Public Library staff member helping a library patron learn to download eMagazines to her computer.

The Davenport Public Library is staying digitally strong by offering online services and public Wi-Fi for its patrons. A change was recently needed when the library and its users were experiencing slow Internet response times daily between 3 PM - 5:30 PM. The library reached out to the ICN to subscribe to 150Mb of broadband, up from their previous 45Mb.

Amy Groskopf, Library Director, explains that the slow response times are particularly frustrating to library patrons who are filling out online applications. “Sometimes the speed at which the application is filled out is part of the employers screening process. Or they may get a timeout response and have to start over again. It’s also frustrating to library patrons who are streaming audio or video as the response is choppy,” said Groskopf.

One of the popular services provided by the Library is a teen gaming program that currently has about 60-80 teens attend every week. With the added broadband increasing Internet capacity, the library plans to offer additional online games.

Many services in the Library rely on high capacity Internet. The Library’s staff shows users how to download eAudiobooks to their device by actually walking them through the process. The Library also allows community organizations in their meeting rooms and they usually want to show a video clip for training or discussion. In addition the Library’s conference room will be able to incorporate video conferencing capabilities.

The Internet needs at the Davenport Public Library are constantly growing, and now they will be able to keep up with demand using strong broadband.