ICN Powers National Media during Iowa Caucus


During the weeks leading up to the Iowa Caucus, ICN coordinated service requests from a variety of state government agencies for temporary services at several locations on the Capitol Complex. Those services consisted of multiple 100 Mbps Internet male reporter standing in front of tv cameras at the judicial buildingconnections and analog lines, which were used by NBC (located at the State Historical Building), ABC (located at the State parking ramp), and CNN (located at the State Judicial Building). The connections were used a variety of ways from streaming video, updating social media, and communicating back to network offices.

The preparation also included setting up temporary cabling, which allowed the media to be equipped for live broadcasts in the days leading up to the Caucus. Typical service requests often included coordinating connections and preparing facilities for temporary rack mounting and cabling to support the digital broadcasts of the media.

To female reporter standing in front of tv cameras at the historical buildingsafeguard the State’s Network on Caucus night, ICN’s Operations team monitored the traffic patterns looking for any anomalies or spikes in traffic, as well as using our DDoS Monitoring and Mitigation System to watch for potential threats.

We want to thank our staff that worked diligently to ensure Iowans and the world could receive caucus news from the media that were stationed around the Capitol Complex.