ICN to End Video Service

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The ICN’s primary purpose when it was originally established approximately 30 years ago was to provide two-way interactive video for education. With advancements in technology and the mobility of devices, users are no longer required to utilize the fixed classroom to access the network. With the change in technology, we plan to sunset our LightSpeed Plus Video service on June 30, 2020.

Update Meeting Room Signs and Calendar Details

With the end of the video, we also recommend to update your meeting room locations. Being able to reference the video classroom as an ICN room has helped many visitors navigate your hallways and buildings.

signs where an ICN room is listed as the location

Video Service Recap

  • ICN to End Video Service.

In the course of reviewing our video product and how it operates, we plan to sunset our LightSpeed Plus Video service on June 30, 2020. Contact your ICN account consultant if you have questions.

  • What to do with the Video Equipment.

It has always been yours. The cameras, television monitors, microphones, speakers and other video/audio equipment in the classroom belong to your site and dispose of it as you wish.

  • Internet Circuits are Available.

If videoconferencing is needed for your organization, ICN can provide Internet circuits that can be utilized by third-party software for alternative video methods.

Greater Broadband Demands

As an Internet service provider, our user needs have changed. Those changing needs continue to increase the demand for greater levels of broadband. We currently provide internet, data, voice, and security to nearly 1,000 authorized users across the State of Iowa.