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ICN Completes Connection to New Internet Exchange Point

Our goal is to provide superior technology infrastructure and create an advantage for our customers.  Here at the ICN we have been able to accomplish that goal by successfully connecting to our new Internet Exchange Point (IXP) in Chicago using Equinix.

By increasing our upstream connectivity to multiple national IXPs, it allows the ICN the ability to scale network connectivity with agility while being flexible and providing diversity. Diversity is achieved with our ability to connect to multiple national IXPs - Chicago (Equinix) and Denver (Coresite). The Equinix fabric in Chicago, which complements our existing infrastructure in Denver, provides both regional and national peering, while allowing the ICN to provide multiple services via our tier 1 Internet providers.

Now, ICN customers are closer to national network access points (NAPs are major Internet interconnection points that serve to tie all the Internet access providers together). With the addition of the Chicago IXP, the connection positions our customers' network edge closer to content providers (AWS, Google, Microsoft, and etc.), which increases the speed, stability, and integrity of all networks connected to the ICN.  By adding these additional services and facilities, ICN now can offer customers the industry's most secure, consistent, and sustainable platform available today.

Scott Pappan, ICN’s Chief Technology Officer


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