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ICN Adds Direct Connections for Cloud Services

ICN recently added direct express Cloud routes to Microsoft (Azure), Amazon (AWS), and Google Cloud and an additional 250 plus cloud providers. Many customers already embrace cloud applications, and now are asking for the secure and private direct connection to a cloud provider. For those not familiar with the cloud, this is where servers, networks, storage, developmental tools and apps are enabled through the Internet or a direct transport.  With our cloud connect service, customers are noticing benefits, such as reducing infrastructure costs, network support, and improved efficiencies.

3 reasons why customers connect to the Cloud with the ICN:

  • Improved network performance happens when the cloud is utilizing a separate connection. It is recommended not to share a cloud connection with a regular Internet connection used for everyday work.
  • A private direct connection, is a safer network and gives customers more control versus on the public Internet. With our direct transport connection, the chance of security threats also decreases.
  • Network scalability provides the ability for customers to connect physical and virtual infrastructure by adding and/or reducing bandwidth in order to meet demand and manage costs.

4 cloud questions organizations should be ready to answer.

  • What is your current and future cloud strategy?
  • Are you connected to a current cloud provider? How?
  • Is a direct private connection to that cloud provider needed? We recommend a private connection to keep customer information safe.
  • Do you need redundancy within your office or cloud providers?

What does the ICN provide?

  • ICN is the transport to that cloud provider.
  • ICN is NOT the cloud provider. Interested customers must have a connection to a public Cloud to utilize this service.
  • Two (2) routes to the Cloud are available.
    • Chicago Equinix: ICN connects to 250+ cloud providers.
    • Denver CoreSite: ICN connects to AWS, but plans to connect to multiple providers in the future.

If you think a cloud solution for your application needs is right for you, reach out to your ICN Account Consultant professional.


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