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ICN Added as Member of Automated Transportation Council

ICN was added as an representative to the Iowa Advisory Council on Automated Transportation (ATC), which is chaired by the Iowa Department of Transportation (DOT). ICN also holds a subcommittee seat on the infrastructure readiness (IR) team.

The Automated Transportation Council looks to multiple public and private groups within the State of Iowa to help provide the best policies for the emerging field of autonomous transport. The ICN has been influential in helping to set the tone and bring education and technical insight into the trends of autonomous transport, how it works today, and where Iowa can move towards in the future.

About Iowa Advisory Council on Automated Transportation (ATC)

The ATC is intended to increase roadway safety, personal mobility, and freight movement within the state of Iowa by advancing highly automated vehicle technologies. The Council shall provide guidance, recommendations, and strategic oversight of automated transportation activities in the state. For more information about the ATC, visit their website at


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