How CyberAware Are You?


Take a moment to learn about the benefits users can realize with ICN’s firewall and security consultation services.

How Customers Can Benefit from having Firewall service from ICN:

  1. Options: Manage the device yourself or have the ICN manage it for you.
  2. More Options: Turn on or turn off the robust features on the Fortinet platform to best suit your needs.
  3. No Interoperability Headaches: No need to worry about utilizing multiple appliances or software to perform network security functions and whether or not they work well together.
  4. Visibility: See and block threats on your network at every level.

Visit our Firewall webpage for more information.

Why a Security Consultation is Vital to your Organization:

  1. Establishing a framework helps to identify gaps, risks, and threats and creates action plans to mitigate or accept these risks.
  2. Identifying what is going on in your network and the threats that your current security appliances may be missing.
  3. Learning about vulnerabilities that those outside your network may be able to exploit.

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