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Customer Spotlight: State Public Defender

Cover imageAs the COVID-19 pandemic continued, a limited number of staff returned to the State Public Defender’s Iowa City office to find their phone system destroyed. Read how ICN offered a Voice solution that was deployed in record time.

Voice Service Provides Solutions to State Government Office during Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continued, a limited number of staff returned to the State Public Defender’s Iowa City office.  It was upon that return that the office discovered that their phone system had failed from a power surge.

Jacob Mason, Assistant Public Defender, explains how ICN offered a solution that could be deployed in a time frame that would bring the phone system back online in record time.

The Need and Implementation:

Our agency was in the midst of upgrading and modernizing our [phone] systems.  This required me to work on upgrading phone systems in our several offices.  As such, I have been working with ICN and others in that effort.  When the pandemic required our employees and office to work remotely, ICN offered solutions to help us carry out the essential functions.  Everyone worked to troubleshoot issues we had with a majority of people working offsite.

The phone system at our Iowa City office had been destroyed by what appeared to be a power surge.  At the time, this office was not using the ICN. In record time a solution was determined and ICN, CenturyLink, and State Public Defender had the phone system back online.

What are the Results?

  • Within five (5) days, ICN was able to restore Voice services to the Iowa City office.
  • The office implemented virtual seats with the business communicator application.
  • Virtual seat option fits perfectly with the director’s philosophy to be more agile, forward thinking, and technologically prepared to represent our clients in a modern and professional manner.
  • The Iowa City office has been using ICN’s Voice system for several weeks. The office supervisor reports it to be a great success. 

What are Your Benefits from ICN’s Voice Service?

  • Have accessibility to clients and staff.
  • Allow us to rethink how to manage a field office.
  • Save money.
  • Help effectively communicate with clients and perform our jobs during this uncertain time.
  • Working to implement this option at our several offices.

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