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Customer Spotlight: St Anthony Regional Hospital

Staff at St. Anthony Regional Hospital in Carroll, IA, shared how the increased bandwidth through ICN has been a valuable asset for the various telehealth opportunities.

Increased Bandwidth from ICN is a Valuable Asset for Iowa Hospital

Picture of St. Anthony Regional HospitalIn mid-March, hospital and clinic services at St. Anthony Regional Hospital were nearly shut down in order to slow the possible spread during the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, ICN provided free temporary bandwidth increases for two months to St. Anthony Regional Hospital. Below hospital staff share how the increased bandwidth through ICN has been a valuable asset for the various telehealth opportunities of clinical applications, non-clinical applications, and medical staff communication.

Clinical Applications

The following are examples of how important telehealth has been for St. Anthony’s Mental Health patients and Chronic Care patients.

Essential for Emotional Health: “During this pandemic we have been in contact with our patients at their most vulnerable times. Telehealth visits with their medical provider are often the only connection our mental health patients have to the outside world. I am so grateful that we are able to provide these services even if they are non-conventional. Telehealth visits have been essential so that the emotional health of our patients does not go unnoticed. I have seen a drastic decrease in the amount of "no-shows" and am proud we have been able to provide these services in a time of uncertainty.”

- Deb Burnett, BSN, RN – Mental Health Director

Essential for High Risk: “Telehealth has become an essential way to provide service to our patients and keep them safe. Many of the patients we see in the Chronic Care Center are considered high risk for becoming ill if exposed to COVID-19 and telehealth is a great way to stay in communication to prevent problems or complications from occurring.”

- Deb Adams, BSN, ARNP – Chronic Care Director

Non-Clinical Applications

Remote Work Options: St. Anthony needed to get a large number of office staff working from home in a short period of time. The increased bandwidth has given us an extreme amount of flexibility on the amount of people we can support with work from home options. This has allowed many support staff who do not need to expose themselves to any risk to effectively do their job remotely.

- Chad Lawson, Director of Information Technology

Medical Staff Communication

Virtual Staff Meetings: We utilized Zoom to conduct weekly medical staff meetings specific to COVID-19. The increased broadband allowed sixty or more medical providers from St. Anthony and from other hospitals and clinics throughout the region to participate in the meetings. Each meeting provided a format where actual case studies could be shared with all participants. They were also an opportunity for medical providers to learn about the most current treatment options for COVID-19. These meetings have been valuable and have created an environment where physicians can share knowledge and work together in caring for individuals with COVID-19.

- Dr. Kyle Ulveling, Cardiologist and Chief Medical Officer for St. Anthony

Learn More about ICN’s Internet Service

As an Internet service provider, ICN can offer the following services to healthcare users:

  • Private on-net or off-net Ethernet connections.
  • Internet and bandwidth services.
  • Secondary Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) connections for carrier diversity.
  • Secondary Internet Service Provider (ISP) connections for ISP diversity.
  • On-net connections to multiple data centers.
  • 24/7/365 Network Operations Center support.
  • One consolidated bill from the ICN.
  • Participates with Universal Service Fund’s Rural Health Care Program.

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