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Customer Spotlight: Prairie Lakes AEA

cover photoPrairie Lakes AEA has recently implemented our Managed Voice Service (MVS).  The following case study provides details related to the challenge, installation, results, and benefits to implementing ICN’s MVS service. 

Customer: Prairie Lakes AEA, Mike Schmidt

Location: Agency has 8 locations throughout North-Central Iowa


We were using aging on-premise phone systems that required each of our offices to act as its own entity. We wanted a solution that would allow all of our locations to appear as one entity to callers. We also wanted an easier way to manage incoming calls that was cloud based with cloud management. With the majority of our staff being mobile, we wanted to get away from desktop phones and deploy mostly virtual clients.


Prior to installation, we worked with the ICN and CenturyLink to develop plans for our new system and complete programming for each location. A few desk telephones were installed for conference rooms and also for staff who spend their day working in the office. We were able to deploy the MVS service to six of our facilities over the course of three days with the remaining installations happening shortly thereafter. We were immediately able to begin using our new MVS solution upon the completion of installation at each location.


  • We were able to maintain the local telephone numbers for each of our facilities and have them answered by receptionists in any of our offices.
  • We consolidated all of our toll free numbers into one, which we now advertise as our primary number, making it easier for our customers to get in contact with us.
  • Staff can easily transfer calls between facilities, which was not an option with our older key systems.
  • The Global Directory makes locating a staff member's extension and transferring calls to them a very simple process.
  • Voicemail to email integration is an invaluable option and staff utilize the Business Communicator client on their computers and mobile phones.
  • The virtual client allows the end user’s mobile number to be hidden on incoming/outgoing calls so that they appear a part of our agency communications network regardless of the device they are using.
  • Staff are no longer bound to a desktop phone to make calls or access voicemail. They can now do this from any location that offers an Internet connection.

Primary Benefit:

The primary benefits for our agency have been the inter-office connectivity, unified communications and mobility. Callers now see our offices as one entity and receptionists can answer incoming calls regardless of location.

Service Benefits:

  • Call transfers and five-digit dialing between facilities has simplified voice communication between our personnel.
  • Voicemail to email has greatly improved the way we access and respond to messages.
  • The cloud management feature has eased the burden of managing eight telephone systems by putting all of our system management tools in one location.
  • New voice numbers are easy to bring up as needed and management of user accounts couldn't be easier.
  • System mobility opened up another world for us and we are pleased with our choice of MVS as a voice system.

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