Customer Highlight: Iowa Public Television (IPTV)

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ICN’s cabling team was involved with a significant reconfiguration project at the Iowa Public Television (IPTV) location in Johnston.  This project involved of 7 phases, beginning August 20, 2018 to October 26, 2018.  The scope of work consisted of voice and data cable installation to support approximately 90 workstations while painting and carpet replacement took place. Installed 95 voice cables, 202 data cables, and relocated approx 71 telephones As part of this project the ICN installed all of the new voice and data cabling to newly established cabinets in the IPTV Control Room. Over the course of the project, all legacy voice and data workstation cabling was removed during their cubical reconfiguration.

This project required 61,036 feet of Cat5e copper cabling which is approximately 11.5 miles of cable. ICN installed 95 voice cables, 202 data cables, and relocated approximately 71 telephones.