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Colocation: Keeping your Systems Secure

As data and capacity needs continue to grow at record pace, organizations are turning to Colocation services when they are unable to build and sustain a suitable onsite location for their specialized hardware. Colocation offers enhanced flexibility compared to physical servers and equipment that resides at the organization’s site. Lower cost, tightened budgets, security requirements, and energy efficiency are some of the primary factors driving the growth of the Colocation market.

Customers view our colocation service as a cost-saving solution. Our user base trust our years of experience in managing and maintaining core network facilities requiring carrier-grade power, physical security, and network redundancy and resiliency.

There are several benefits to colocation:

Decreased Maintenance Costs: Eliminating the need of large capital expenditures on feed power, backup power, HVAC, space, and access concerns.

Increased Security: Our security features include a carrier-grade colocation center, such as: secured building, secured colocation space, all visitors escorted, secured and locked door(s), video surveillance, and locked cabinets.

Better Power: ICN has multiple commercial feeds with large scaled generators that operate for weeks on end, as well as large backup battery facilities to protect equipment in the event of power loss, brownouts, or even additional UPS backup.

Higher Bandwidth Availability: Network connectivity, bandwidth, and cross connects are available. We can provide greater than 10Gb connections to customers who have the need for higher bandwidth applications.
Available Support: Our service is backed by 24/7/365 Network Operations Center (NOC) support.

With ICN’s Colocation service, an authorized user can rent space for servers and other computing hardware either by the rack or cabinet.  We furnish the building, cooling, power, equipment cabinets, network connection, bandwidth and physical security, while the customer equips with their own servers and data storage. Our built-in Service Levels Agreements (SLA) and standard procedures also benefit our Colocation service significantly.

If you want additional information about our Colocation service contact your Account Consultant.


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