Back to School Security Resources

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As districts welcome students and teachers back to school, here are a few security resources that may help you ease into the beginning of the school year.

What Is Cybersecurity’s Impact on K–12 Education Today?

Schools need to have a holistic approach to cybersecurity, especially now that technology and connectivity permeate nearly all facets of life.

It’s important to commit to constant improvement when it comes to cybersecurity. Read about 5 basic actions educators can take to improve their program:

  1. Adopt the right mindset.
  2. Make a commitment.
  3. Simplify whenever possible.
  4. Start with a risk assessment.
  5. Discuss cybersecurity often. 

Source: EdTech

3 Tips for Improving Your Cybersecurity Program This School Year

Here’s how IT teams can help mitigate cyberthreats in today’s educational environment.

  1. Increase Cybersecurity Awareness at Your School
  2. Implement a Proactive and Reactive Strategy
  3. Balance Security Needs and Educational Access

Source: EdTech

Zoom Security Guidance

Some of the best advice to help secure your Zoom events include:

  • Use a unique Meeting ID, require a password, and have it be invite-only.
  • Create a waiting room where the host allows only authorized participants in.
  • Disable file sharing in chats.

Source: ICN

Security Tips for Online Learning, National Cybersecurity Alliance

As K-12 schools, colleges, & universities prepare for fully online or blended virtual and in-person learning environments, it is important to understand some basic cybersecurity steps students and parents can take to make sure they move to the top of the class securely.

Source: StaySafeOnline

Security Best Practices for Removable Media and Devices, National Cybersecurity Alliance

When it comes to cyber security best practices, removable media and devices must only be plugged or inserted into your computer if you trust/know the source.

Source: StaySafeOnline

Types of Vulnerabilities in Network Security, LightEdge

As many organizations continue to hold network security top of mind, entire IT teams are focused on the tools and technology needed to ensure the utmost protection for their organizations. While this is an important concentration, another key area to consider are the lurking risks that could undermine all those security efforts.

Source: LigthEdge