5 Ways ICN's Managed Voice Solution Benefits Education

Managed Voice

Many K-12 schools are turning to a reliable and flexible VoIP phone solution that brings a variety of useful features. ICN’s Managed Voice Service is affordable, easy for users to use, and has a strong return on investment.

Here are 5 reasons K-12 schools are transitioning to a VoIP phone system.

Predictable Billing

ICN’s predictable Fixed Cost Model offers advanced phone service to users with $0 capital investment. The monthly cost of each seat is all users pay.

Free Long Distance

Every phone has in-bound and out-bound long distance included.  International long distance is not included.

Inter-Office Connectivity

The collaboration with Business Communicator allows staff the ability to interact with Instant Message, view presence of other users, group chat, desktop share, and more.  Users can access the application from any location and device where Internet is available, including a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Budget Savings, Idle Phones During the Summer

During the summer months, use our idle option to temporarily stop line service.  This will save your budget by paying our idle monthly rate of $3.40 per seat, instead of the full monthly rate per seat.

No Contracts

A flexible benefit to ICN’s Managed Voice service is that there are no contracts.  Don’t worry about purchasing Voice equipment or licenses/support.

ICN provides a variety of  VoIP features to Iowa schools using CenturyLink.