ICN is postponing our InterConNEXT customer conference scheduled for August 3, 2017. We will reschedule at a later time and will notify those that previously registered.

ICN is transitioning to its new Intelligent Communication Fabric to command software automation and move powerful features to the edge for customers to control.

Customers will have a mobile application to interface with the new Software Defined Network (SDN) living at the heart of Jekard.

  • Fast and Flexible Cyber Security services as a basic service.
  • Monitor bandwidth performance using an app.
  • Instantly increase or decrease broadband services.
  • Add virtualized services by loading software to equipment on the edge.
  • Powerful over-the-top Services such as voice, video, analytics and other rich content sources.

All of this is powered by a new 200Gb intelligent automated core network with integrated Cyber Security features.

Iowa Communications Network's InterConNEXT 2017 will connect industry partners and ICN customers in showcasing the benefits of the new strong, fast and flexible ICN service offerings.

Come see the future unfold!

InterConNEXT 2016 Videos

The Iowa Communications Network (ICN) held its first annual interactive experience, InterConNEXT 2016 to outline exciting new developments in the Internet landscape in Iowa.

InterConNEXT Overview

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