ICN Highlighted in Business Review USA

Business Review USA - Iowa Communications Network

Business Review USA and Gigabit Magazine published an article on ICN’s transformation efforts to provide enhanced broadband services for our customers. We are working towards implementing virtual services and software-defined networking (SDN).  With these enhancements, we are will release orchestration across the entire organization which include not just the network, but all of our operations.

Read the entire article about ICN’s transformation in the September Business Review USA magazine (pages 118-129).



For more information about the future of the ICN, the following video steps viewers through questions that were answered by the ICN while working towards implementing virtual services and software-defined networking (SDN). 

  • GOAL 1: Single Organizational Orchestration Fabric
  • GOAL 2: Single Carrier Transport Orchestration Fabric
  • GOAL 3: Strong Fabric of Virtual Services
  • GOAL 4: Flexible Customer Fabric so they can manage their Services
  • GOAL 5: Fast Operational Fabric for the ICN to Design, manage, and Deliver new Services
  • GOAL 6: Intentional Shift from Capacity Driven to Service Driven Culture
  • GOAL 7: Clean and Clear Messaging