Cybersecurity Awareness Resources: Week 2

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It’s never too late to begin to learn about cybersecurity. Here is our list of resources to help our users become more cyber aware.

Stop. Think. Connect. - OnGuard teaches kids about Internet safety and security, including ways to share and interact with others over the Internet without risk.

Top 10 Tips for Mobile Phone Safety - These are some great tips for staying safe when using your phone.

Constant Messaging: What is It? - When somebody sends unwanted text messages repeatedly to another person, it becomes classified as harassment or cyberbullying.

Kids and Computer Security - Kids can learn the basics of computer security, including the risks associated with peer2peer file sharing, phishing, and apps.

Safe Searching - KidSMART shows kids how to search the Internet safely without running into inappropriate content.

5 Rules for Staying Safe on the Internet - Popular Mechanics shares five general rules for staying safe on the Internet and warns against phishing, malware, data theft, and privacy invasion.

Net Safety: Be Advertised Before You Socialize! - Students will learn about the dangers of social networking, including prevention methods for avoiding predators.

Cyber Security: Spam, Scams, Frauds and Identity Theft - Learn about spam, phishing, identity theft, and other financial-related scams that take place through the Internet. 

Facebook: Playing it Safe for Teens - If you use social networking sites like Facebook – take their advice, keep it safe, and report to them if something looks suspicious!