Customer Initiatives Happening at ICN

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Managed Security Services

Monitoring of security events and information is in development to include incident response and forensics capability in the event of a security breach in authorized user’s networks. 

In the past six (6) months, the ICN detected 7,265 DDoS attacks on ICN’s network. The average DDoS attack lasts approximately 7m 59s. The longest attack experienced lasted 24 hours.

New Billing System

Our Finance Division is working to implement a new customer billing system. Currently core data is being loaded in a test environment for ICN employees. It is anticipated that the new billing system will be live to customers in July 2018. A few of the benefits include:

  • Credits and payments can be applied to specific invoices.
  • A summarized and easily readable invoice.
  • Access to a financial customer web portal.
  • ICN will have the ability to send billing notices via the application.

Managed Voice Services (MVS)

ICN is currently implementing MVS throughout the State of Iowa. Working in partnership with CenturyLink, over 3,500 phones have been installed. When fully implemented, the Voice service will reduce costs to state government users by approximately $1.3M annually.

Many customers are incorporating Business Communicator to their Voice service. Users can chat, place calls, and even share medium on an app using their mobile device. The mobility feature can be used in the place of having a physical handset.

Network Redundancy

Efforts continue to increase redundancy for the protection of critical uses and improve disaster recovery function that will benefit all authorized users. Redundancy is a critical component to the State of Iowa’s COOP (Continuity of Operations) / COG (Continuity of Government) efforts during a State of emergency.