Account Change - ICN authorized users may access their monthly bills through this online tool.

Bidding Opportunities - Vendors interested in providing goods/services to ICN should visit ICN's Bidding Opportunities page often.

computer image with the word Resources over it

ICN/IDLD Video Sites - Use the Iowa Distance Learning Database clickable map to find out more about video sites in the state that connect to the ICN Network.

PBS LearningMedia is a digital media platform for educators and students to integrate online videos, audio, lesson plans, and media resources into the classrooms.

Stakeholders Center - Keep up to date on ICN-related legislation and topics through the ICN Stakeholder Information Center.

Voice Training and User Guide - An online voice tutorial and the handy phone and voice user guides.

Video Scheduling - Use ICN’s TCReliance scheduling system to explore hundreds of video sessions held over the ICN each day.