Customer Focused

Being customer focused and exceeding expectations are imperative in the delivery of services to ICN’s customers, who are authorized users. ICN monitors the delivery and reliability of all services on a daily basis. Information is reviewed by management and opportunities for improvement are identified. All projects, no matter the size, are given the same attention to timeliness.

The ICN continually evaluates its operations and equipment to insure the greatest reliability rate possible. Efficient, organized emergency preparedness and response is crucial to the Network, because it is important to citizens. The ICN was created, in part, so state government could continue to function in the event of an emergency. Regular exercises are conducted by ICN management and their response teams to simulate "disasters" in which the network could be affected and to review, coordinate and improve response time.

“We have students with 24/7 access to computers. We wanted to provide an unobstructed connection to the world. We are a small rural school district, but don't feel our education should be limited to a small-rural school world view.”

“We could not do this [1 to 1 laptop] initiative without the ICN. It’s critical to have the infrastructure in place when handing teachers and students a piece of equipment that completely relies on the technology.”

“Using this technology along with the new ICN circuits that were installed into three communications centers allows shared dispatching capabilities between the centers. If one center has a failure because of technical difficulties, a communication center can switch or transfer phone lines and radio traffic to another center.”