Broadband News of Interest - November

broadband news

Internet articles about education, public safety, healthcare and government in relation to the broadband industry.

Minecraft’s digital learning platform hits 2 million users, launches new coding tutorial
Minecraft: Education Edition celebrates its one-year anniversary as a learning tool for students.
Source: edScoop

Broadband gaps impact every member of Congress
Digital connectivity is the glue of the modern American economy. From rural farmers to city business leaders, every industry relies on broadband to track markets, connect with customers, and sell their products.
Source: Brookings

Most Americans have never heard of multi-factor authentication
Most Americans have never heard of two-factor authentication, even as the world’s biggest tech companies are pushing increasingly strong versions of multi-factor authentication in hopes of solving a vast array of cybersecurity problems.
Source: cyberscoop

8 reasons why telehealth is gaining momentum right now 
Thanks to some new bills in Congress, and more in the works, the implementation of telehealth programs in an array of clinical settings has taken off recently.
Source: Healthcare IT News

Iowa State Engineers Help Black Sea Countries Fight Cybersecurity Threats
Iowa State University faculty members and graduate students recently powered up their cybersecurity test bed and dissected the December 2015 cyberattack that hijacked and took down dozens of power substations across western Ukraine.
Source: newswise