Broadband News of Interest - May

Broadband News

Internet articles about education, public safety, healthcare and government in relation to the broadband industry.

How to Protect Your K–12 District from a Data Breach
Address the fundamental elements of a solid data security plan, which include physical, technical and administrative safeguards.
Source: EdTech Magazine

Why DDoS Just Won't Die
DDoS carries less of a stigma than a data breach in the scheme of security threats, a POWERFUL flooding attack can not only take down a company's network, but also its business
Source: Dark Reading

Text-to-911 now available across Iowa
For Iowans who find themselves in an emergency, the option to text 911 rather than call is now available for most of the state.
Source: StateScoop

Robotics, coding programs don't require huge investments
Schools can launch a robotics and coding program by taking small first steps via the Hour of Code, launching a club, or just buying one robot toy at a time
Source: Education Drive

Iowa offers public-sector network clients a la carte security services
ICN is serving as a middleman between private-sector security companies and its clients, offering an array of a la carte security services. To highlight the need for enhanced security, the agency recently announced that it was offering clients a free, extensive cyber threat assessment test.
Source: GCN